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kidz r so dum

Really though, in World History we were talking about Imperialism and she kept babying us, asking us "what is a burden?", "why wouldn't people wanted to change", "what is social Darwinism?". I mean even if you don't know what these things are, does it take that much intelligence to infer?! No lie, when she said "what is social Darwinism" some kid just shouted "is that thing with the giraffes?". I serious wanted to say "Are you dumb?". Sorry for ranting, but that focking pissed me off?

>> No.11  

In addition, the same kid asked "because whales are mammals, can they walk on land?". Just to let you guys know.

>> No.12  

i actually dont no wat social darwinism is

>> No.13  

u kneed an edumacation

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Please die in a fire,

Thank you.

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