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No.94   [Reply]

Who else remembers Mighty Beanz?

>> No.95  

Only you, anon.

>> No.101  

I personally loved Mighty Beanz, with those frustrating af to build tracks, it made some memories. I still have the Cacnea bean from the Pokemon set on my desk. I never use it but it's there...

No.98   [Reply]

SOI hype thread
It's never too early

>> No.100  

What are you playing? B/G aristocrats time :)

No.96   [Reply]

Who wants to play some bakugan my dudes?
Seriously, I don't even remember the plot of the show or anything. Was the girl the villan or something?
I know it all went to shit from there.

>implying it wasn't shit from the start.
>> No.97  


>Implying we would imply implications

Are you crazi are you outta yo moind

No.81   [Reply]

Hey man does anyone wanna come over to my house and play some Rock Em' Sock Em' Robots or something? I also got Hungry Hungry Hippos if you're interested.

>> No.82  

No. Fuck you.

>> No.86  


>> No.88  
File: 1453726367995.png -(28331 B, 500x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.93  


File: 1454076555361.jpg -(123401 B, 450x628) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
123401 No.89   [Reply]

TFW kaijudo releases teaser cards with Nicol Bolas and Jace Beleren, why? Becasue fuck you, that's why

>> No.90  
File: 1454076645127.jpg -(14777 B, 190x265) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

evidence af

No.83   [Reply]

The best:
Post your results here

>> No.84  

She appears to be a normal cheerleader except she dresses like a pirate ninja, her eyes glows with arcane power and her hair is rainbow colored and can be used as a whip, but secretly she is actually a half-illithid.
She is a lost time-traveler cursed by God and she will fight her enemies with the power to castic magic missiles or to frighten demons.
Her friends and enemies call her Unicorngirl Cherrysong!
Her constant companion is a spirit Mexican doll who is also her legal guardian.
Her favored weapon is a shining acidic axe which strikes fear into the heart of evildoers.

>> No.85  

>>84 Is this is a fucking Mary Sue generator.

>> No.87  


File: 1452779783806.jpg -(7137 B, 160x228) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
7137 No.74   [Reply]

Every damn time I see an Atog creature, I cringe. It looks like a fucking deviant art traced drawing of someone's already shit art. High lack of proper perspective, anatomy, not to mention it's a shit card. Fucking Owen can draw better than this, and that's saying a lot

>> No.77  


>> No.79  


I'm honestly not sure what this was SUPPOSED to look like. I.. I-I really don't know.

>> No.80  

An atog.

File: 1452779997617.gif -(49763 B, 490x750) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
49763 No.75   [Reply]
>> No.76  

you lied to me.

File: 1452523171125.png -(128541 B, 540x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
128541 No.44   [Reply]
>> No.45  

Sorin doesn't even go to Innistrad anymore though. He made Avacyn singularly so he could go fuck off somewhere else, namely Tarkir, then Zendikar.

>> No.46  

Classic innistraud

>> No.48  

Sorin is a total tsundere.

>N-no, humans! Just because I saved your plane doesn't mean I l-l-like you!
>> No.72  

I just m-m-made an a-a-a-angel to protect you from the d-demons!! It w-w-wasn't because I l-like you or anything...b-baka!

File: 1452630220508.png -(142688 B, 302x227) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
142688 No.63   [Reply]

Hooray for new tabs! Thanks Leo! Now we don't have to manually input /tg/ into the address!

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